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Lost my wallet today, again

So I'm starting to lose my wallet once a year. That seems very silly. Why am I so careless?

It's another one of those days

Where the time of being 25 draws closer and I am nowhere close to starting on a career path or finding another. I just sleep and hope it goes away. Lazy and being awkward are probably the top reasons why I'm not getting anything. Everything doesn't come as easy as it should and I just want to hide and not do anything. Writing it down doesn't do any good i think, I need to be pushed to action. Then I would fail and get fired.

tired and I don't know what to do with my life. Not play games and watch dramas that's for sure.

Birthdays and getting older

So this is the year where reaching a birthday is sad. The day before my birthday I already knew that I might be in one of my moods again and it was depressing. I woke up and shivered in the cold and thought... I really don't want to do anything. Went to work and everything was normal, no one wished me happy birthday except those people that knew my mom and people online.

Getting older makes me feel depressed. I'm not really going anywhere in my life and I don't have a goal. I always get asked three questions, how is the job? do you like the job? what do you plan on doing?

Yeah, I know this is a entry level pretty minimum wage job. What do you want me to say? -_-; I am super overqualified and going to quit? Clearly that didn't work out on finding a job so I dunno if I'm stuck or what. *siiiigh*

So in chinese years if you're in the latter part of the year apparently supposed to add two years. So it'll be like 26!!!
I remember 26 being so old and adult and everyone having jobs and apartments and fun stuff. Wasn't the cast of how I met your mother like 26 or something?!

Just unhappy in general that there's no point in all that schooling if you don't meet and network with people. It's not always about the tests, which makes sense to me how some people can get jobs and others can't. Some can get purely on their own merit no matter what school they went to. I dunno where I was going with this.

Birthdays when you're passed 21 are depressing. There is nothing good about it. Can't even support myself.

Hard to think happy thoughts is all I do is play games and get yelled at by other people when playing said games. Why bother?

*sigh* That's the life of the nondrinking nonclubbing set I suppose. There's no point in being in the top 10 in my class haha, I am pretty much the only one without a job that could support myself in an apartment.

Quarter Life Crisis yeahhhhh, if only you could redo life. Wouldn't that be special.
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